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The Moorhead Team

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As full time agents, The Moorhead Team work in Southwest Florida delivering a broad range of real estate services to their customers. They use the latest marketing tools to help you find your perfect match. Their areas of expertise include but are not limited to: Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Estero and Fort Myers. The Moorhead Team’s “Concierge Service” offers an extensive network of professionals to assist you in a smooth transaction. The list includes: home inspectors, title companies, attorneys, property management, home watch, mortgage lenders, home staging, and builders. Whether you are looking to list, sell, rent, or invest, even manage existing properties, The Moorhead Team can do it all!



"He’s my hero… Our condo had been on the market for two years and was in the midst of an expensive and seemingly never ending water re-mediation when Mark called offering his services. He came up with one buyer quickly and when that fell through, another offer shortly after at very close to our asking price. Buyer financing complications, inspection issues, closing re-scheduling all the usual deal breakers were solved quickly with no additional significant costs. As my wonderful wife put it; he’s my hero! Guy and Jodie Sanders Naples, FL "

  -Guy & Jodie Sanders, Client

"When you consider any purchase you always wonder who you can trust and where you can get the best deal. When you are making a major purchase such as a vehicle or a home, that element of trust becomes even more important. Sometimes we go with a “gut feel” because we have no other choice, and sometimes we go with someone who has done us well in the past, or even better to a good friend. When I decided that I needed to make a major change in home ownership (selling two properties and buying one larger unit), I did not have a realtor that I thought I could trust. What I did have was a casual acquaintance with Mark and Maureen Moorhead. I asked them a few questions, we discussed several things related to the transaction, and I quickly got the “gut feel” that these were people I could trust and that had my best interest in mind. My two properties were sold and closed within a few months, and I was soon in my new home. "

  -Russ Bussard, Client

"I had the privilege of working with Mark Moorhead as the agent for the sale of our house in Heritage Bay. Mark is extremely responsive, diligent and thoughtful in his recommendations. He is knowledgeable about the area, market conditions and all facets of the real estate business. I was and out-of-state seller going through a personal family tragedy during the sale, and I was unavailable to do any of the on-site work of selling the house. Mark is service oriented professional and was tireless in using his expertise and contacts to ensure the house was ready to sell and that all necessary repairs were done in timely manner. Our house sold very soon after it was put on the market, and although there were several issues that came up during the time we were in escrow, Mark was able to resolve everything so that, at least from my perspective, the entire process was quick and easy. Without reservation or hesitation I would highly recommend Mark to anyone buying or selling a home."

  -Elisa, Client

"Three transactions in a very short period of time, and all three served to solidify my trust in the Moorhead Team. I since have become friends with both of them and have recommended them to anyone who is considering buying or selling a home. In my mind, there is no better statement of trust than a recommendation, and I clearly would recommend the Moorhead Team to anyone with complete confidence. From “gut feel” to trust, to friendship. I can’t think of a better success story, and I certainly can’t think of a better team to handle your real estate needs. A very satisfied customer, Russ Bussard "

  -Russ Bussard, Client

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